Skipped, indefinitely

October 24, 2010

Time to admit it: this ain’t working. We can wait endlessly for the internet to do its magical work of discovering us semi-automatically. But the honourable thing to do is to acknowledge once and for all that it just costs too much effort to be discovered semi-automatically. What with all the posting of comments on semi-popular websites and all of the trying to establish a personal relationship with people who you are physically impossible to meet (and that will always prefer the people they actually met when young and that they can, without hesitation, call their friends) and what-not-else that shouldn’t be but simply is the case.

So I’m going to focus my energy elsewhere until I’m really bored enough to do what one has to do to be successful. For, over time, there will come the time when I can sit in bars patiently suffering the self-centered boringness of successful people (people who have a say) and when I can spend time joining in on the innocent fun of those that have chosen at a younger time the right path (and are now mad at the world, but at least they are mad as part of an in-group).

Bye bye for now.

[On the off-chance that the internet makes a miracle: contact me via mail or leave a comment.]



2 Responses to “Skipped, indefinitely”

  1. grrl said

    I’ll miss your posts.

    And while you are ‘leaving’, could you possibly explain – for this one reader – what do you understand under “to be discovered” (by ‘internet’)? Thanks.

  2. hey grrl, I guess this is what I mean by being discovered by the internet, seriously. That somebody stumbles upon it and gets something from it without you having to mount marketing campaigns, or feel otherwise stressed to promote yourself. We will come back, by the way, we’re just being a little bit busy getting overpromoted. I do hope you tried and enjoyed The Book at least somewhat as well; it needs much more work than already went into it …. but I was hoping it was at least showing some potential for potential. Earnest & O’Nest

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