The unbearable lightness of being Earnest

August 29, 2010

Earnest skipped a beat this week. He’s down so I’ll take his corporate culture critique shift (and meanwhile also give you this) but I’ll do it my way. It’s not so much – by the way – that he is down but that he is just completely stressed out from being up. Earnestness can be unbearable in the face of the reality check presented brutely by the obvious fact nobody that nobody gives a flying fuck, either way, as long as they can continue with their daftness.

I prescribed him this. Maybe you can read our collective wisdom there before you go on to read this (all of which is, as per usual, in the kindly spirit of ‘It has to be at least 99% co-incidence to get published if you do not want to be called a whore on it.’:

We have no issue with loving either or neighbour or co-operating with our co-workers as a team. No, we don’t: far from it even: we’re open to love our co-workers and would gladly co-operate with our neighbours. The issue for us is merely one of authority. And then not because we feel that authority as an infringement of our freedom because both the love and the team spirit come quite naturally to us. No, the reason for our issue has other causes alltogether.

Our problem with authority stems from the simple fact that we laughed ourselves crazy when the small fat almost-dude screamed: “Respect my authority.” making the third word rhime with the second. Any time people tell us with a straight face we ought to love our neighbour or should ‘strive to improve co-operation with our co-workers’ we just can’t avoid cracking up.

For fuck’s sake: why would we feel compelled to do something if it does not come naturally to us? Why would we go and force ourselves into a bend just to please some fat fucker (let alone the slim fucker that gets up early to ‘get a good run in’, creepy fuck that is afraid to get old and be confronted with the fact that his existence is somwehat less than crucial for the general gist of biological and cultural evolution)? Why should we even pay attention to those shitty mechanized versions of homo sapiens without the leas little bit of funk in them?

Hmmm ….

Because else they fire us and we have to tell our children that we have to make ‘economies’ knowing full well that there’s going to be that little fat fuck of a kid of two robo-joggingly industrious people pulling their own weights and constantly complaining about everybody else’s weight accept that of their bloody moron of a child that has always the excuse of it being impaired by his higher-than-average intelligence when depressing our kids by pointing their noses in the fact that they do not seem to have the latest fucking version of a fucking iPad or whatever.

So, let us just take it as the womanly men and manly women that we really are: let’s just suck on it and be awfully nice in that next performance review. We already have a revenge of silently thinking about Cartman’s “Respect my Authority.”, there will surely be more to come because at some time or other entropy will outperform botox hands down 🙂



2 Responses to “The unbearable lightness of being Earnest”

  1. Jake Tankard said

    Not bad, but then nothing could be finer than to pop round to this site and fling off a few angles in the mind: and enjoy…

  2. As it seems Drew is angling maybe somewhat too sporadically, maybe he should pop round here 😉

    Thanks, by the way, ‘not bad’ is fair enough.

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