O’Nest Returns

August 20, 2010

OK, yes, I went overboard 2 posts down (but you gotta admit: it’s a joke to split the One in Three, and certainly in order to make Him Whole again; and as the joke is not part of the Three it is also not part of the One meaning there is at least 2 or 4 – but probably more). Sorry, Earnest, I couldn’t resist it.

Lemme make it up to y’all by starting to post new sections of ‘The Book’: here is the second step to achieving the state of being overpaid whilst enjoying underpromotion. You can now also follow us on Twitter to get random stimulations of a not entirely comprehensible kind.

Some might find I am working in an arbitrary model where being overpaid and underpromoted is somehow better than being, for instance, underpaid and overpromoted. To them, I say this, O’Nestly:

The model of beng underpaid is the Christian model (at least it is the model that the heads of churches advocate as the model for all of those who are, well, not in the church management; or are in church management positions in order for the actual leaders of the church to have people to do the shopping without having to confide in people who are not fully certified as being brainwashed in the way of the church); it is the model of suffering. For dramatic effect one can indeed add the notion of being overpromoted (or overburdened, to use a medieval synonym for overpormoted) as it will have the edifying effect of underpaid people being able to find solace in the vanity that their suffering is not in vain.

So, I can grant the arbitrariness of my model as to both the terms of payment and those of promotion but I can’t grant same as to the positional terms ‘under and over’. The former demarcates the thinking of the decadence movement from organized religions (and so does the latter by the way but it would be a pity to miss an opportunity for an increased bit of contrast if I were have simply made that a main sentence and not just something between brackets). The latter does, by contrast, confirm our firm position against too unambitious forms of cultural relativism.

PoMo, pero solamente un PoCo; como lo quería Ernesto.



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