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Table of contents[2]:


Book 0:          Disclaimer: A Message to all Peter’s


Book 1:          Prerequisites

Chapter 1:                   Getting promoted[3]

Chapter 2:                   Looking down on others[4]

Chapter 3:                   Free your mind & your a*** will follow[5]

Chapter 4:                   ‘The Exercises’


Book 2:          The 8 steps to underpromotion[6]

Step 1:                     (let everybody believe you) Aspire to more

Step 2:                    Dare to underperform (on tasks you don’t like)

Step 3:                    Overperform unexpectedly (but also: casually!) 

Steps 4-7:              You’ll see ’em when they are here

Step 8:                     (appear grudgingly to) Settle for less


Book 3:          The ABC of turning underpromotion into gold

A:                                Delight the customer

B:                                The “I could leave” move

C:                                Be thankful for the raise (ma non troppo)


Book 4:          The art of relaxation is of vital importance to your peace of mind

I. Of Earthly Things:                 Some Philosophy

II. Of Hellish Things:                Some Religion

III. Of Heavenly Things:         The Decadence Movement

(Book 1 Chapter 4: ‘The Solutions’)


Book 5:          Back Cover[7]

[1] If you are sometimes completely lost and/or regularly suffer from mild onsets of Alzheimer please rest assured that you can always come back here and say: “Oh, that sounds interesting: let me read that.” blissfully ignorant of the fact that you are reading it again 😉

[2] If you feel like taking a shortcut: the basic message is that the recognition people long for may be achieved without participating in the hierarchical rat race; participating in the hierarchical rat race obscures what one really wants and takes people farther from doing what they are good at and for which they want to be recognized. I assure that reading the whole is more entertaining than reading an executive summary. The latter is, come to think if it, universally true. Still, I am perfectly happy to be rid of executives with a need for speedy resolution of their curiosity.

[3] From “Wow!”

[4] Over “Wannabe.”

[5] To “Weirdo.”

[6]  And back 😉

[7] You might want to take this “Back” literally, after all you’ll start reading this book as if it is “just a parody” thereby missing none of its point but all of its moral significance.


3 Responses to “The Book”

  1. I disclaim putting graphical smiley’s. It is a feature of wordpress to convert ortography into graphics – certainly a feature invented by an engineer when talking to his own pubescent kids. Although the latter is unnecessary, as it is obvious to people dealing with engineers that they are in fact pubescent kids. The Kingdom of Earth consequently is theirs : – )

  2. Earnest, I got this forwarded by somebody and I think it is great. The best of luck with it, and remain gentle on those Peter’s 🙂 Looking forward to the regular updates here!

  3. Oops, that’s what you mean with the automatic conversion of smiley’s; I disclaim with you – I linked to this site from mine by the way, hope I will not be the only one.

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