Skipped, indefinitely

October 24, 2010

Time to admit it: this ain’t working. We can wait endlessly for the internet to do its magical work of discovering us semi-automatically. But the honourable thing to do is to acknowledge once and for all that it just costs too much effort to be discovered semi-automatically. What with all the posting of comments on semi-popular websites and all of the trying to establish a personal relationship with people who you are physically impossible to meet (and that will always prefer the people they actually met when young and that they can, without hesitation, call their friends) and what-not-else that shouldn’t be but simply is the case.

So I’m going to focus my energy elsewhere until I’m really bored enough to do what one has to do to be successful. For, over time, there will come the time when I can sit in bars patiently suffering the self-centered boringness of successful people (people who have a say) and when I can spend time joining in on the innocent fun of those that have chosen at a younger time the right path (and are now mad at the world, but at least they are mad as part of an in-group).

Bye bye for now.

[On the off-chance that the internet makes a miracle: contact me via mail or leave a comment.]



Skipped (4)

October 19, 2010

This time I even skipped posting the fact that I skipped a post. What can I say? No friends? Too busy?


Skipped (3)

October 10, 2010

Still busy reorganzing an inconspicuous little piece of the world in order to make it imperceptibly more efficient. But do not judge me!

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Skipped (2)

October 3, 2010

O’Nestly, just follow me here.

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Skipped (1)

September 26, 2010

We are having problems being intrinsically motivated, and this mainly because of a lack of extrinsic stimulation. But we do want to leave you this: Read the rest of this entry »

O’Pen & O’Nest

September 19, 2010

We’re settling into a weekly pattern, mainly because we don’t seem to be quite underpromoted enough. We even had to use the horrible phrase ‘too busy to X’ a couple of times this week.  None of you are going to get any new book or play or poem experts any time soon, by the way; not even the embryonic start of the children’s book version! Only when 50 or so have read the last excerpt I will start posting excerpts again (but there are always aphorisms).



But you’ll just have to suck it up. I’m not about to do what I”m about to criticize: the annoying custom in the corporate world of saying we need to be brutally & vulnerably honest as intro to being a dishonest power-abusing brute. Read the rest of this entry »

Earnest tries but …

September 12, 2010

… fails. Miserably. At attracting attention, I mean. It is one thing to admit failure and another thing alltogether to admit that that failure is due to yourself. I only admit failure. What I do not admit is that I am the one who needs to change if I want to have success. Go fuck yourself! I don’t want to have success. I know what it takes to have success. You suck up – you comply – you forget what you really wanted and you replace it with what others want you to really want (and they, they want this only because they know they wanted something else than what they let themselves be sold into wanting before they sold themselves out to wanting others to want exactly the same thing that they wanted ‘because it’s reality, man, you just need to get used to it’ and all that shit). Let them bloody well go fuck themselves if they allow themselves to be fucked into wanting to fuck us over into fucking others over like they were fucked over.

My way, and all that shit. “Not original.”, you say? Well you are not original either then and if you have let yourself to be convinced by the powerful motherfuckers of ‘Be normal, don’t even try because people will find you laughable.’ leave us the fuck alone coz’ we are just doing our thing and we couldn’t care less whether it is original or bombastic or cliché or ridiculous. We couldn’t care less when we turn out to be average and stuff. There’s nothing wrong as far as we see with people, certainly not on the average. As long as we don’t have to settle for being average (worse: for being better than average in an average kind of way) it is OK. So many motherfuckers get praise, so much beauty is left undiscovered – we are fine with it … as long as you don’t want us to become a motherfucker because you believe praise is a sign of beauty.

No more Mr. Nice Guys. We know we will get there. So shut the fuck up and click the bloody links below the fold …

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I kid you not: O’Nest is a real work of art. People put him down but he springs back up, like a .. well .. springy type thing. He is worried he attracts no big following on our twitter page but then he consoles ourselves with the thought that we’re just not the types to actively promote these things (and we don’t have references, because – you know – references take away the uncertainty about what you are experiencing; references are thé insurance against making a fool of oneself by liking something or somebody that is subsequently ridiculed by others). To come out of the brackets: liking – as loving – something is making it part of yourself, and it bloody hurts if even the smallest part of yourself is open to ridicule.

But never me mind all that Earnestness, you have probably come here for the take-down of some popular practice – or other. I give you: the reality-creating value of bullet points on slides: Read the rest of this entry »

Earnest skipped a beat this week. He’s down so I’ll take his corporate culture critique shift (and meanwhile also give you this) but I’ll do it my way. It’s not so much – by the way – that he is down but that he is just completely stressed out from being up. Earnestness can be unbearable in the face of the reality check presented brutely by the obvious fact nobody that nobody gives a flying fuck, either way, as long as they can continue with their daftness.

I prescribed him this. Maybe you can read our collective wisdom there before you go on to read this (all of which is, as per usual, in the kindly spirit of ‘It has to be at least 99% co-incidence to get published if you do not want to be called a whore on it.’: Read the rest of this entry »

O’Nest Returns

August 20, 2010

OK, yes, I went overboard 2 posts down (but you gotta admit: it’s a joke to split the One in Three, and certainly in order to make Him Whole again; and as the joke is not part of the Three it is also not part of the One meaning there is at least 2 or 4 – but probably more). Sorry, Earnest, I couldn’t resist it.

Lemme make it up to y’all by starting to post new sections of ‘The Book’: here is the second step to achieving the state of being overpaid whilst enjoying underpromotion. You can now also follow us on Twitter to get random stimulations of a not entirely comprehensible kind.

Some might find I am working in an arbitrary model where being overpaid and underpromoted is somehow better than being, for instance, underpaid and overpromoted. To them, I say this, O’Nestly: Read the rest of this entry »