O’Nest Returns

August 20, 2010

OK, yes, I went overboard 2 posts down (but you gotta admit: it’s a joke to split the One in Three, and certainly in order to make Him Whole again; and as the joke is not part of the Three it is also not part of the One meaning there is at least 2 or 4 – but probably more). Sorry, Earnest, I couldn’t resist it.

Lemme make it up to y’all by starting to post new sections of ‘The Book’: here is the second step to achieving the state of being overpaid whilst enjoying underpromotion. You can now also follow us on Twitter to get random stimulations of a not entirely comprehensible kind.

Some might find I am working in an arbitrary model where being overpaid and underpromoted is somehow better than being, for instance, underpaid and overpromoted. To them, I say this, O’Nestly: Read the rest of this entry »


O’Nest: To God

August 10, 2010

Dear Supreme Being (she/he),

I considered putting ‘Dearest’ only to realize that would have been somewhat self-defeating. Fortunately for both of us I did realize it in time, considering what otherwise might have happened (if you allow me to speak of ‘happen’ here) to us out-of-time (so to speak). ‘Both of us’, I say, as I quite understand you find no joy in punishing me (or anyone else for that matter – one of a few things we probably have in common).

But more on that later as I first want to announce to my dearest readers that, below the fold, I will apologize to them.

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