Skipped (3)

October 10, 2010

Still busy reorganzing an inconspicuous little piece of the world in order to make it imperceptibly more efficient. But do not judge me!

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O’Pen & O’Nest

September 19, 2010

We’re settling into a weekly pattern, mainly because we don’t seem to be quite underpromoted enough. We even had to use the horrible phrase ‘too busy to X’ a couple of times this week.  None of you are going to get any new book or play or poem experts any time soon, by the way; not even the embryonic start of the children’s book version! Only when 50 or so have read the last excerpt I will start posting excerpts again (but there are always aphorisms).



But you’ll just have to suck it up. I’m not about to do what I”m about to criticize: the annoying custom in the corporate world of saying we need to be brutally & vulnerably honest as intro to being a dishonest power-abusing brute. Read the rest of this entry »

I kid you not: O’Nest is a real work of art. People put him down but he springs back up, like a .. well .. springy type thing. He is worried he attracts no big following on our twitter page but then he consoles ourselves with the thought that we’re just not the types to actively promote these things (and we don’t have references, because – you know – references take away the uncertainty about what you are experiencing; references are thé insurance against making a fool of oneself by liking something or somebody that is subsequently ridiculed by others). To come out of the brackets: liking – as loving – something is making it part of yourself, and it bloody hurts if even the smallest part of yourself is open to ridicule.

But never me mind all that Earnestness, you have probably come here for the take-down of some popular practice – or other. I give you: the reality-creating value of bullet points on slides: Read the rest of this entry »

Earnest skipped a beat this week. He’s down so I’ll take his corporate culture critique shift (and meanwhile also give you this) but I’ll do it my way. It’s not so much – by the way – that he is down but that he is just completely stressed out from being up. Earnestness can be unbearable in the face of the reality check presented brutely by the obvious fact nobody that nobody gives a flying fuck, either way, as long as they can continue with their daftness.

I prescribed him this. Maybe you can read our collective wisdom there before you go on to read this (all of which is, as per usual, in the kindly spirit of ‘It has to be at least 99% co-incidence to get published if you do not want to be called a whore on it.’: Read the rest of this entry »

Earnest’s Outlook

August 13, 2010

Go E-Z there, O’Nest. When I said ‘PoMo’, I also said ‘Un PoCo’. You’re scaring people, not the least of which am I.

So let’s talk about e-mail: the status of my Outlook has been particularly piss poor lately – it was in fact so piss poor that I felt compelled to start twittering on our behalf (find us here!). When I say piss poor I mean I had so little incoming e-mail that I seriously had to consider cleaning up my InBox. Not even did I get one of those regular mails in which one is warned about not sending too much e-mails because it will impact efficiency; yes, the sort of e-mail that probably has a reference to ‘Tips & Tricks’ in it and that motivates its warning with a call to respect one’s co-worker.

Let me tell you the Shakespearian truth about e-mail (&, as a bonus, about co-workers responsible for sending e-mails warning about e-mails): Read the rest of this entry »

Back, in Earnest

August 5, 2010

Life is much more sophisticated now. There used to be times in which people needed to kneel in order to show that they were no threat to the established order. Worse, in order to get anywhere you needed to make sure you fell in grace by a continued effort of bowing and kneeling and whatnot. Not that this was enough to get you definitely out of the whims of the powerful, no, in order to achieve that you needed to kneel and fall into grace and do whatnot and finally kill some of the fuckers in power to make place for your sorry old self.

No, life is much more sophisticated now we work on objective merit, as follows: Read the rest of this entry »