Overperform unexpectedly (but also: casually!)

Never mind being bored. Being bored is a good thing. It is a key to every next step. Boredom, one might say, is a sufficient condition for innovation[1]. One might say – somewhat chiastically – it is, for independent behavior, the necessary precondition. 

Anyway, let’s leave the philosophy for later (Book IV, to be exact). For now, let us continue with being bored enough to study actual corporate work. Let your mind a-wander to where 10, project-wise interconnected, departments (each dedicated to 1 of several separate competence (-cy?) areas, and each peopled with at least fifteen individual contributor experts) cross-functionally cooperate (thereby breaking a silo mentality the reproach of which by their CxO is dreaded by all 10 managers) with at least a recurring 125 mandays per day of co-ordination, escalation & root cause analysis on red flags attributable to the absence of contingency planning. Fight your urge to concentrate on ‘the problem’ so as to see a one-minute solution to all of it. 

Once you find it: keep it secret! Guard it like a beastly mother guards its newborn: ferociously but forgetting instantly. Put the insight to gradual use. Overperform and accept humbly all congratulations. Shrug your shoulders. Say: “It’s a team effort!”

On to Step 4 (but not just yet, gals and guys).

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[1] Innovation, innovation, innovation; the mantra of the uncreative West! This structured elation is about capturing the last thing that evaded being captured by hordes of overcivilized suits filled with humanoid matter: creativity (i.e. individuality). Something capturable only by way of poems

Innovation, innovation
Our weapon against the yellow invasion
Only with our  creativity
Can we outperform their greater fertility! 

Innovation! Innovation!
Will enable us to increase productivity;
& so bring us to our end station:
Infinitely enduring, material, captivity.


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