Dare to underperform (on tasks you don’t like)


Things go rapidly now. The networking thing always works. Before you know it, you’re a*** will be freezing up like a wart dipped in liquid nitrogen. People will be soliciting your friendship, encouraged by the weirdness you project; a weirdness on which basis they don’t feel threatened by you as much as they feel threatened by the rest of the neurotic networkers. Your reality risks to become, again, the web of self-sustaining idiocies which are commonly referred to as corporate objectives but that are more aptly described as the hunger for personal despotism.

Task after task will come your way & each task will seem utterly non-negotiable,. It will all seem important because of an intrinsic promise that things will go utterly belly-up without your personal involvement. Vanitas vanitatum, omnia vanitas est; as simple as that. If nobody breaks the spell, that will have been it. You won’t find on your own time the time to look up and put things into your own perspective. It’s a dying perspective anyway, your own personal perspective. The collective wins as it’ll always do if you’re stupid enough to pay attention to it. Hey, maybe you even read something like this and realize: ‘Shit, that’s me she’s talking about!’

I am Joan. As I am carrying a female first name you will not find it the slightest bit difficult to picture me as an easily worried, and caring, person that just has to jump into your life here to give you a good hug and all that shit. But don’t worry: I will limit myself to good advise and leave all of the pitying to yourself: make a point of performing your next task badly. Not too badly! Just bad enough to be sure they won’t ask you again 😉

I know: this is much harder than it sounds. So let me complete this teeny-weeny bit of unasked-for advise: wait for a task you hate (something ‘just in case’), it is a big organisation; it won’t be a long wait. And be sure to (appear) to work hard on it! There will never be a need to add insult to injury. Carry on!

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