(let everybody believe you …) Aspire to more

Here you are: generally considered as a weirdo; a bit of an unknown quantity, but a quantity nonetheless. The risk is that you settle yourself in this freak show position and whilst there’s nothing wrong per se with a freak show everything is wrong with being merely tolerated by those who feel good when others are at their mercy. As they would say: it’s a risk

So this is the first of my steps[1]: comply! Accept with gratitude this training course that is accessible on HR invitation only. Don’t leave it at that either. From time to time you will just have to attend one of these courses; you will just have to feign all the proper excitement at the opportunity of networking with the newfound peers. I dare say more: speak the fuck up when the moderators asks their supposedly open questions on which there’s only the one politically correct answer[2] that happens to connect to a managerial fashion of the day (talent management or something else that is presented as utterly different from the previous fashion the same moderators had on offer not much more than a year or two before[3]). 

Speak the fuck up; be constructive in the role playing; look gravely pensive when an insight into the success of organizations is presented; and play the role of jealously admiring whoever the current role model of unlimited aspiration is. 

No goal is ever scored without wrong-footing the opponent. You, as I (before you) need to be subversive in a refined way. Don’t be the pitiful anarchist that follows in the steps of a great example. Don’t just be a negative of everyday indoctrination

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[1] I am running a severe risk of some seriously advanced seriousness here ;-( 

[2] Intentionally left blank. 

[3] Let’ say: pay for performance or something that allows to differentiate salaries according to the level of sucking up to the boss different people can manage (by the way: ha-ha!, if you wondered what happened to the previous footnote, it was merely an occasion for me to say: ‘ha-ha!”).


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