A Message to All Peter’s

Before we get started: a small word to all Peter´s. You´re many: enough in fact to have a principle with your names on it. We would be disheartened if you felt this book isn’t meant for you. To be honest: our break-even point does not allow you not feeling addressed. After all, you are the type of depressed happy camper that is attracted to this book shelf.

So please do not be disgusted at the tone or innuendo’s of this book. It will require merit and hard work to remain underpromoted if that is what makes you tick (and indeed: it allows for much sucking up to the boss). Every case of underpromotion is also a genuine work of art: generic in its appeal but every inch individual as far as its expressiveness is concerned. Perfect for showing off at dinner parties!

The fact of the matter is that you are also underpromoted. Think about it! Wouldn´t you achieve a lot more if they just left you dealing with things without nitwit managers having their own, uhr, opinions? Wouldn´t you be hitting your targets if you would be trusted to set them yourselves? Think harder. Wouldn´t you be more productive if it weren´t necessary to explain your bright ideas to your peers?

See. There you have it. If they would just promote you, you would get these boss´s privileges and many more. Accept the fact: you are every bit as underpromoted as the rest of us. So read the book and optimize your earnings before they optimize you. Time to go a-coastin´! Time give up the race to be the next boss. Time to go a-indulgin’ in this most perfect state of knowing you can do it better without ever being called upon to actually demonstrate it.

On to Book 1!.

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