Break in Summer

July 17, 2010

You have been cool. In fact, you have been so cool that you get this.

It also has been cool. Well, cooler at least. Not quite cool enough to start fulfilling Earnest promises (see here). Not way cool but just about cool enough to give you a couple of dorky old aphorisms (a.k.a. things to say at dinner tables that’ll make you look wise and slightly weird, just about weird enough for people to avoid you respectfully).

[Warning: you might see some if not all of these dorky aphorisms come back as real O’Nest sayings. If you do so find the things back, please do not remember you were dorky enough to find them dorky way back when you initially read ’em – I have decided not to scratch them out in my little out notebook consisting of scrap paper flying around non-elegantly in a way that is completely as non-Moleskine as can be]

– Fear is what the frightened project unto the rest of us to account for us not behaving as we should.

– How come words make worlds? Because people are so stupid to take everything on a powerpoint slide seriously.

– If I would have been a real writer, I would have hated my colleagues too.

– Poetry is the suspension of belief.

I specifically like the last one although I understand it even less as the three first ones.

Oh, well, speak to you in August. Maybe there is something to listen too as well, then. Bye-bye for now.


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