Summer Break

July 9, 2010

Sorry fellas, it’s too hot for me to handle (and yes, O’Nest was right, you were not nice).

We’re outta here, at least until such time as the number 8 figures in the second and fourth positions of the, abbreviated, date code. You have some catching up to do anyways …

So you’ll be missing this:

Two ideas for a recurring theme that might attract lost souls because they can identify with that theme and hence feel like somebody understands them:

– ranting on all things ‘corporate’: from wearing badges (wearing them visibly and, worse, with a sense of pride is a dead giveaway for a non-personality that only takes some public uproar to turn totally psychotic) to, maybe, how the recent ‘corporate culture’ culture is in fact a more sustainable version of the type of mass psychosis that leads individuals to a behaviour that is inhumane, and,

– a defense of people that try to be correct in politics and are consequently labeled with the pejorative term ‘politically correct’; specifically those people that try to surpass modernism and find theirselves mocked as post-modernists as if it is in some way possible to prefer being either a modernist or a pre-modernist. This theme could be coined by the cry of being ‘Un PoCo PoMo’ whereby we would appropriate the double insult as a term of praise (see also anarchism or, if we have a say in it, decadence).

In fact O’Nest could take the latter and I could take the former. Or vice versa.

Sounds like fun.

Unfortunately you will have to wait as, through your own fault, it is now Summer Break.




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