An Earnest Deposit (of good faith)

June 27, 2010

OK then, I’ll continue to play. When I see poor Guido struggling & realize neither of us was giving the poor guy feedback I know I should be grateful for having you (I’m being O’Nest here).  Posting the present excerpt I hope Guido will, like I will, heed the message of the poem on which it (and frankly most of this, our, book) is based:

Relax, don’t do it.
When you want to go to it.
Relax, don’t do it!
When you want to come.

Anyway, for people who like your dinner conversation advise:

Those that happen to be interested in what I am interested in happen to be complete and utter dicks, which accounts in great measure for the loneliness in which I have to work.

I know it is almost impossible to get past the beginning, but that impossibility happens to be integral to message I want to convey!

What is good and successful accounts for about one percent of what is good, but stupid people rather applaud for what’s successful than spend energy on looking for things that are good (shorter: Nietzsche was right).

It is sometimes difficult not to understand those who only commit suicide after having committed multiple homicides. Either you spare those you murdered the misery of living without you, or you spare the rest of us the complete & utter misery of having to live with those you murdered.

And if you’re a genius?, who is going to acknowledge that if not yourself?

[Hey, O’Nest, you’re right: it does help to let loose once in a while!, thanks for the suggest! Hope Guido likes ’em as well.]


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