Earnest, don’t be silly!

June 24, 2010

Hey Earnest, you forgot I am one of the few people actually reading this stuff. Don’t you remember the agreement we made? Don’t you remember looking in this here mirror, promising not to get distracted from the job at hand? Let’s be (yes, I’m not going to shy away from using a cheap trick just because it’s cheap) O’Nest: we both knew it was going to be tough, and we both knew they were going to try to divide us to neutralize our message of decadence.

So let’s bloody well talk about our message, our meaning, our point we are trying to make. Let’s talk about it in Earnest, Earnest. It’s not like these voices are going to stop going on and on about it so let’s take the beast with its horns and lay it on its back and cut its hairy balls out such that we can get on with our business:

We – you and me, split as we may be – are on a mission. The mission is to have people get over it already. “It?”, I remember you saying. And I replied then as I cannot but stress now: “It, my dear Earnest: IT!”  Because that is precisely what we set out to do: convince people to resist the temptation to define it. I have tried to be O’Nest about it. I tried to lay it out – & make frantic handwaving gesticulations around it as if to say: “This is it. Just look at it. Point at it.” But it was nonsense: one could not speak of it. You have tried to be Earnest about it. You’ve been methodical about it. You planned your approach of it. You made sure you could acount for every step of it. It became tedious but you persisted in it. But it was of no avail, it was a maze and you got lost in it.

That’s when we met. You were lost and I could not speak. I put you back on track and you gave me a voice again. Our journey, this journey started. We cannot waver. We certainly can’t let it get the better of us, again. Our ambition has to remain strictly limited to bettering the world; and to release the peoples of all lands from worrying about it, and about what others have more or better of it.

I mean: I don’t want you to be any different than who you are. And I do hope you don’t want me to mean anything.

It is trying us to behave silly. I apologize for this. There you have it, it was difficult but I gone and did it.



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