O’Nest posts: The First Book Of Wisdom

May 23, 2010

So, here it is: Book 1, it would have been better if I wouldn’t have tried to be so self-important. If I would have called it a mere ‘chapter’, I could have given this post the title: “O’Nest posts the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” This would have been far more witty and would have displayed a level of planning skill (the word ‘planning’ is ornamentally used in yet another attempt to euphemistically disguise Earnest’s self-doubt).

Anyway, didn’t you click yet? Then here is another chance: click this and a window will open in which you can read the 1st book of ‘The Book’

A new window will open because if we can have Earnest aphorisms, we can sure have O’Nest aphorisms as well but mine are more exclusively below the fold!

If the best automatically get to the top in their respective industries, the porn industry definitely proves every day that our sexual imagination is in a very poor state indeed.

‘Quod non’, I thought initially, vainly hoping I would be able to demonstrate the power of the counterfactual in a Cool & Hip way. And then I thought (because I’m pedantic up to and including in my silent soliloquy): ‘No, eo ipso!’ the porn industry does prove our sexual imagination is in a bad state so that increases the probability that the best do come out on top.

So maybe I am so a loser. Whatever. The major thing is ‘Do Humans think?’ at all. I don’t think so, not after this anyway.

I’m making it too difficult again, I am being much too O’Nest. The simple truth is that you have to do as Musil does: just find a pair of things and arrange them cross-wise with the negation of each element of that pair. It’s not easy but it’s a lot of fun.

Let me leave you with an exercise. Imagine you have the Enlightenment & you have the Renaissance. Imagine further it needs to be clarified which one advanced us more out of the darkness of the dark Middle Ages. Take two extreme forms of light: say a LASER and the light of the sun. Now you can combine, for instance thusly:

“I prefer the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, the latter was a LASER but the former a sun.”

Nice, eh! And deeply true as well.


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