In Earnest Trouble

May 21, 2010

I spoke to God and He said: “Leave me in peace as I leave you in war.”

Truth is hardly the essential thing. It is merely a precondition of anything interesting.

[I’m just being a nuisance here so if you don’t like aphorisms offending your sense of ‘deep understanding’ by superficial use of haiku-like conventions, don’t click the ‘Read the rest of this Entry’-button. I’m pissed and just downloading stuff I scribbled together on a handheld that will soon follow billions of other handhelds on the scrap pile.]

Thoughts only exist once formulated, before that it’s only chemistry.

Cultural pessimism is naught else but comfort for one’s own horiibly miserable failure.

Use of a brain and use of muscles are not very dissimilar: that’s why intellectuals always show off.


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