O’Nest, Without a God

May 14, 2010

I am an atheist. That shouldn’t be of much concern as I keep my atheism to myself as long as others keep their religions away from myself. The latter is also not quite true: I like it when others are open about their religion and allow me to be open about my non-religion. Keeping things hidden is neither one of my strengths, nor is it one of my preferences.

Why do I say this?

I say this to illustrate that there is a point to all of this, even if – “Guilty!”, he pleads – it is only the finest of points. There is a purpose in being honest, without or ‘to a’ God, and honesty is exactly that purpose. If I try to convey what it is that I have come to believe to be true even if it is that I will forever be stuck trying to convey it somewhat unsuccessfully, I do all that can reasonably be expected from me.

Hence: I am doing all that you can reasonably expect from me and when you think I am just having a laugh, I am being taken for a laugh by you. Heavy, ain’t it? Well, to be perfectly honest, that’s why I have tried to be humorous about it!


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